Friday, October 7, 2011

What a wonderful couple of days

Aside from the many things I have to do, there have been some good things these past few days.  Let me start with:

1. It was rainy so I got to try out my new coat that it's been too hot to wear!
2. Because it was so rainy, we went to get chinese food.  Ok that's a terrible reason, let's be honest, we were too lazy to cook and my feet were wet.  HENCE we got chinese food. (ps this is a picture of a raindrop cowboy riding an H2O molecule...enjoy!)
3. The owners of our favorite chinese place just had a baby boy that morning!  And the pictures were adorable, and the dad was in a great mood and he gave me extra steamed rice when I took my leftovers.  What a man!
4. I woke up and I was FREEZING this morning!  How wonderful!!! I missed that feeling of death freezing like I miss a lot of stuff.
5. Me and Mike went to Target, one of my favorite stores alive!
5.2 We bought Stephen's hot chocolate, one of my favorite hot drinks.
5.3 We drank hot chocolate!!!  (for night and morning)
6. I ate leftover chinese food for breakfast this morning!
7. I wore boots to school and I loved it!!! I felt like my feet were sleeping in bed all day!
8. I heard a little bird in the math hallway declare it was snowing.  I promptly ran out of the computer lab and straight to a door in the hall.  True enough, it was snowing and I almost wet my pants I was so happy! (I love the first few snows!)  In true memory of my mom, I am listening to Christmas music now.
9. Snow is not on the ground, BUT it is stuck on the beautiful!
10. Provo tabernacle is turning into a temple and every time I drive by those burned-up ruins I want to sing the Hallelujah chorus!!  That will be my favorite temple alive!

few downsides: One of the coat buttons is not attached correctly, so it's about to fall off.  I didn't work half as much as I wanted to this week.  My fortune cookie basically called me a prostitute (you will be rewarded for the special gifts you give to others...clearly prostitution).  I almost slipped in the rain like 6 times.  My phone went off in class........I'll stop there.

HaleyJ  :)

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