Thursday, March 15, 2012

Student Teaching

Oh my goodness there are only 3 weeks left of my student teaching experience!!  Weird!  It is fun yes.  My favorite part is being around junior high students all day long.  Oddly enough that is also my least favorite part.  Some of them are just so easy to love, and some of them are so easy to not love!

As my mentor teacher said: "Some of them are really obnoxious kids who will grow out of it and become normal adults...but some of them are really obnoxious kids who will grow up to be really obnoxious adults."

I love that guy.

Some things I've learned:

1) Never spill water on yourself...they will all laugh and ask if you've peed your pants lately.

2) Always give correct instructions.  Then repeat the instructions.  Then repeat the instructions again.  Then write the instructions on the board.  Then don't get annoyed when 2 more people ask you what they are supposed to be doing.

3) Always collect supplies once students don't need them anymore.  ANYTHING can become a very annoying  musical instrument e.g. rulers, cups, compasses, protractors, etc.

4) Always make more copies than you will need.  10% of the students will lose the first one.

5) Never take yourself too seriously.  They don't care 1/2 the time.

6) Don't even try to hold a grudge.  They love arguing and they LOVE thinking you hate them.  Just pretend like every student is your favorite.  Trust me, it works and you even start to believe it yourself.

7) Give each student a fresh chance to be great each day.

8) Always sleep enough the night before.  Energy cannot be created from nothing.  That is a law of the universe.

9) Have plenty of snacks ready for eating upon walking in the door at the end of the day.  Also find someone to tell all your funny stories to.

10) After a completely bombed lesson.....move on.  Let it go.  Look ahead.  Don't cry...too much ;)

I really do love this stuff, I def made a good carrier choice :)

Haley J

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


John Travolta singing and dancing in a dress is funny but also kind of disturbing.

I just have to keep saying ok that's a man.