Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shmorgishborg of pictures

So this entry is a bit more rando than usual. I haven't posted in a really long time, but I swear I will finish out with the family description...this is just a side-note post.

So last Friday we hung out with the Stevensons...super fun people, and we went and made pinewood derby was awesome

So Me, Mike, Haley, and Jeremy raced our awesome cars. Naturally mine won the first two races until the wheels whacked out (quite literally) But it was fun anyway. I think it was in the riverwoods plaza so it's definitely a fun place to check out.

My car is the second one from the left...the purple one with the zig-zags on back. It is awesome. If you would like to come view the champ it's currently mounted on my fridge.

So while I was uploading these pictures I discovered a few gems that were hiding in our camera...Hopefully someone will get a kick out of them, because I sure did.

This first one is basically my favorite buddy at day camp. If I had downsyndrom, I would be this child.
Literally everytime we were buddied up I ended up laughing more than half the time. This boy made more poop jokes than me...some of you will know the significance of that statement. I don't know how many times I ended up dragging this kid out of the pool during lifeguard break time, but needless to say it was revealed that I am a horrible swimmer in front of all the soldiers field pool patrons. Then once I'd get him out and turn my back to pick up a towel he was halfway across the pool again. Def my favorite and I for sure miss this boy.

Picture #2...If I had a moustache, ya da da da da da da da da da da da da da dum (fiddler on a roof that last line)

Look at how cool I look. I don't know If I need more words to go with this image. If you're wondering, I got those balloons for Mike's birthday and he decided to do a portrait of his dad on one. ta da!

Needless to say, this would be a more accurate representation of me with a mustachio. Just to set the record straight, If I were to choose that path, it
would be a civil war stache all the way.

And Finally, Mike's new hairdo...I love Hercules so this one can only bring back great memories "whoa is my hair out?!"

So there you have it...weird pictures but fun none the less.

Haley J

Friday, March 11, 2011


I think the coolest thing about me is my family...So without further adoo I think I'll go ahead and explain them for the next few blogs...Today is Taylor...
So yeah, Taylor...
Relation: Sister
best song to describe her: Syster Psychic, by Smash Mouth
Taylor is one of those people that if you call her, no matter what she's doing, she will sit there and have a 4 hour conversation with you. She is a HUGE people person. Very few people don't like her, and when they don't it's usually a petty reason...
Top 10 memories of Taylor:
1) her quotes...
"I remember this place, in the summer, never wearing a shirt....because we were swimming."

"I can hear them, they're saying Hiiiiiii Taaaaaylooor!"
"I hate ____ (I can't name names)...he bent my fingers back at IBM park on the piano slide." (this statement was made 7 years after the incident)
"Those shoes look so good on you, get them!" (on the phone over 1200 miles away without ever seeing the shoes)
2) At age 12 my dad finally told her that she was too old to dance the jig on his guitar case while he played the banjo.
3) Sneaking into the fridge to steal avocado's at the age of 3.
4) Calmly walking out of a barn with a cat hanging by it's claws from her arm asking my dad to give her a hand.
5) Being able to tame anything that walks on 4 legs, seriously: horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, gerbils, sheep, drakons, pegasi (that is her feeding a wild chipmunk)

6) Arguing with her friends/family that Santa was real while in her preteens.
7) Chasing a little girl down the sled hill (on a sled) because the girl accidentally ran over Jonathan
8) Walking up to the starting line of a 400 meter race, being the shortest, least athletic looking one in the bunch, being ruled out as a loser by every other girl, then completely smashing the competition across the finish line. Yeah, she's fast.
9) Wearing old navy puppy shirts until the 7th grade. Also covering her walls with puppy/kitten/animal posters until the 9th grade.
10) Stealing my dad's wallet in a huge crowd of people only to realize she had just pick pocketed a stranger with a snake skin wallet. The man turned around and saw her so she threw the wallet and ran away into the crowd.

Yeah Taylor is great. She's an odd fella but the best. I love the girl so much!! Feel free to add to the list if you've got a good one, she's full of good memories.
I miss you Taylor! I can't wait till you come back for school so I can see you more often/have you sleep on my couch and watch willy wonka all night long/play kinect!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

i love the library


1) sit in a cubicle pretend to do homework while really doing nothing

2) it's quiet, except the crunching of ppl sneakily eating food

3) you can listen to other ppl's music through itunes (if they don't lock method is to find the most gangster looking screen name and they will probably have the least classical music. try something that ends in "dizzle".)
PS i forgot Bowling for Soup existed, yet when I listen to it I know every word of their songs

4) you can secretly take your shoes off and not get an honor code violation...jkbs ;)

5) Walk around and look at all the books that probably haven't been touched in 100 years (I think I found a book older than Moses)

It's a fun place, try it out sometime

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

chinese food is the best. We went to great china tonight, again. The lady already knew what we were going to order. It is sooooooo tasty though.

My order:
Hot and Sour soup & Shrimp Lo Mein

Seriously I think we go every other week. Plus they give you a dump truck full of food so there is always a good leftover. Basically if anyone gets a chinese craving in their heart give me a call because I am always ready!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

my lover

I forgot to add before that I have an odd love connection with ben and jerry's ice cream. Mostly half baked and never the frozen yogurt one (i only had to make that mistake once). You may be thinking yeah yeah whatever you like ice cream...but no, I eat this stuff a LOT. I had it for breakfast today. some people call it a problem...not i. It's like 5 bajillion calories of love.

numba one

Well. The most interesting news for my first blog is that i just finished today's crossword...pretend that it's not monday and you can be impressed. Also i had a much needed bag of skittles. I'll let you guess how i get through the long classes.