Thursday, March 10, 2011

i love the library


1) sit in a cubicle pretend to do homework while really doing nothing

2) it's quiet, except the crunching of ppl sneakily eating food

3) you can listen to other ppl's music through itunes (if they don't lock method is to find the most gangster looking screen name and they will probably have the least classical music. try something that ends in "dizzle".)
PS i forgot Bowling for Soup existed, yet when I listen to it I know every word of their songs

4) you can secretly take your shoes off and not get an honor code violation...jkbs ;)

5) Walk around and look at all the books that probably haven't been touched in 100 years (I think I found a book older than Moses)

It's a fun place, try it out sometime


  1. Oh Haley... you make me laugh... I like reading your blog. Is this your dog? Also, I like your reasons that you like the library, and thank you for adding a jkbs to the end of #4... See you tomorrow...

  2. Yes he is my not so little puppy anymore. I did add JKBS just incase you'd be reading haha.