Friday, March 11, 2011


I think the coolest thing about me is my family...So without further adoo I think I'll go ahead and explain them for the next few blogs...Today is Taylor...
So yeah, Taylor...
Relation: Sister
best song to describe her: Syster Psychic, by Smash Mouth
Taylor is one of those people that if you call her, no matter what she's doing, she will sit there and have a 4 hour conversation with you. She is a HUGE people person. Very few people don't like her, and when they don't it's usually a petty reason...
Top 10 memories of Taylor:
1) her quotes...
"I remember this place, in the summer, never wearing a shirt....because we were swimming."

"I can hear them, they're saying Hiiiiiii Taaaaaylooor!"
"I hate ____ (I can't name names)...he bent my fingers back at IBM park on the piano slide." (this statement was made 7 years after the incident)
"Those shoes look so good on you, get them!" (on the phone over 1200 miles away without ever seeing the shoes)
2) At age 12 my dad finally told her that she was too old to dance the jig on his guitar case while he played the banjo.
3) Sneaking into the fridge to steal avocado's at the age of 3.
4) Calmly walking out of a barn with a cat hanging by it's claws from her arm asking my dad to give her a hand.
5) Being able to tame anything that walks on 4 legs, seriously: horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, gerbils, sheep, drakons, pegasi (that is her feeding a wild chipmunk)

6) Arguing with her friends/family that Santa was real while in her preteens.
7) Chasing a little girl down the sled hill (on a sled) because the girl accidentally ran over Jonathan
8) Walking up to the starting line of a 400 meter race, being the shortest, least athletic looking one in the bunch, being ruled out as a loser by every other girl, then completely smashing the competition across the finish line. Yeah, she's fast.
9) Wearing old navy puppy shirts until the 7th grade. Also covering her walls with puppy/kitten/animal posters until the 9th grade.
10) Stealing my dad's wallet in a huge crowd of people only to realize she had just pick pocketed a stranger with a snake skin wallet. The man turned around and saw her so she threw the wallet and ran away into the crowd.

Yeah Taylor is great. She's an odd fella but the best. I love the girl so much!! Feel free to add to the list if you've got a good one, she's full of good memories.
I miss you Taylor! I can't wait till you come back for school so I can see you more often/have you sleep on my couch and watch willy wonka all night long/play kinect!

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  1. An image I will never get out of my head is when Taylor was 3 or 4 came into mom and dad's room shaking that limp carrot, screaming "rock a bye baby" at the top of her lungs...