Monday, May 30, 2011

1 entire year!...and some days

So officially on May 28th 2011 Mike and I have been married for a whole year. That is pretty crazy but pretty cool. The weird thing is it has seemed much longer than that. It could have been the whole moving across country that did it, or dating for give or take 4 years, either way it has been a great time being with this fella.

(we are glamorous photo-takers...especially in the car)
And we all know nothing says I love you for a whole year like a giant steak and 1 bajillion deep fried onions from outback. What a dinner, I love that place like it's my firstborn.


Monday, May 16, 2011

best cartoon ever made...for realzies

Ok so I know that I blogged about another series very recently, but get over it because I have an obsession.

I love the Avatar...
Not the blue people movie(which is great)


It is just about my favorite thing to do on tv. Seriously that cast is hillarious. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. It is too bad that there were only 4 elements and 3 series. They should have gotten ahold of the periodic table or something.

So to sum up why I love this show so much, let me give some reasons...

1) Whenever there is a bender fight I am pretty much on the edge of my seat.
Comet_Enhanced_Agni_Kai.png (333×250)

2) When Aang goes into the Avatar State and whoops some butt I usually start cheering...or proudly cursing at the fire nation.
Avatar+Aang.JPG (400×267)

3) Whenever Sakka opens his mouth I burst out laughing.
Sokka-becomes-disheartened-300x200.png (300×200)

4) Whenever Uncle Iroh cries, I cry.
tumblr_lin7gtqOhp1qa9dtno1_500.png (500×346)

5) When Toph learned how to metal bend I almost wet my pants with excitement.
Toph_Metalbending.png (333×250)

6) When Prince Zuko cut his ponytail I was more than mildly attracted.
zuko.jpg (314×212)

7) I am secretly pleased when others underestimate Uncle Iroh's strength and bending abilities.
iroh.jpg (287×215)

8) Azula is on my list of top 10 worst enemies.

9) I love Katara, but I get annoyed of her just like a big sister.

10) I LOVE the Banjo music whenever Momo or Aang dances.

So seriously fellas, this is the best show ever. Watch it on Netflix and if you have a heart for Adventurous Comedy you will thank me later.


Monday, May 9, 2011


So the next family member that I will tell you how cool they are is Jonathan. He's the 3rd Bly child.
Relation: Brotha (from the same motha)

Best car to describe him: any car that looks a little too old to be on the road, rusty on the edges, and an old ski rack up top.

Top 10 Memories of Jonathan

1) Road trip to North Carolina when we were kids...we were pulling one of his stuffed dogs through the seat cushon in the van, and the dog's ear ripped off. We all looked at each other in shock, then quietly mourned the loss while continuing to play with the now handicapped dog.

2) Jonathan used to dress like Micheal from Barney...he would change so they had a similar outfit on during the episode (don't be embarrassed Jonathan, it's funny)

3) Probably 90% of the times Jonathan has been pulled over I was in the car with's actually suspicious how often he gets pulled over when I'm in the car. (Along with that, Jonathan is REALLY superstitious)

4) Jonathan is the kind of person I can talk to for HOURS with little-no prompt.

Funny story: when we were little and he had a huge bed in his room we decided to sleep in there...We talked forever and mistook sunset for sunrise so we thought we stayed up all night...then we cried because we thought we would get sick from not sleeping...It's actually kind of a lame story I guess

5) Driving to go skiing...hearing a BAM BAM BAM BAM (screws popping loose) and turning around to watch our ski rack fly off the roof (it was holding our snowboards/skis) and watching it slide off the road. Then pulling over and trudging along the highway in snowboard boots to get our stupid crap.

6) Jonathan did my hair one time when my arms were broken (it was the worst ponytail of my life and Kelsey fixed it once I got to school, but who else has a straight brother who is willing to do that?!)

7) "Hiding" his stuff in Grammy's basement so I wouldn't go through it and take stuff while he was on his mission...that worked for like a month tops.

8) Teaching me how to drive stickshift and allowing me to cry when I ran over an entire family of racoons (literally) while he cursed and made sure there was no blood on his car.

9) Using a 4-letter-word vocabulary when I grinded gears while running a stoplight in the HUGE rocket truck (again, trying to learn stickshift)

10) Being with me when I broke my arms, awkwardly getting ib profen out of my pocket because my hands wouldn't fit, telling me "Your wrists don't look thaaaat bad...." (they did look that bad)

You are a great big brother Jonathan!! The best I have ;) Meet him people!! he's a fun guy !!