Monday, May 16, 2011

best cartoon ever made...for realzies

Ok so I know that I blogged about another series very recently, but get over it because I have an obsession.

I love the Avatar...
Not the blue people movie(which is great)


It is just about my favorite thing to do on tv. Seriously that cast is hillarious. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. It is too bad that there were only 4 elements and 3 series. They should have gotten ahold of the periodic table or something.

So to sum up why I love this show so much, let me give some reasons...

1) Whenever there is a bender fight I am pretty much on the edge of my seat.
Comet_Enhanced_Agni_Kai.png (333×250)

2) When Aang goes into the Avatar State and whoops some butt I usually start cheering...or proudly cursing at the fire nation.
Avatar+Aang.JPG (400×267)

3) Whenever Sakka opens his mouth I burst out laughing.
Sokka-becomes-disheartened-300x200.png (300×200)

4) Whenever Uncle Iroh cries, I cry.
tumblr_lin7gtqOhp1qa9dtno1_500.png (500×346)

5) When Toph learned how to metal bend I almost wet my pants with excitement.
Toph_Metalbending.png (333×250)

6) When Prince Zuko cut his ponytail I was more than mildly attracted.
zuko.jpg (314×212)

7) I am secretly pleased when others underestimate Uncle Iroh's strength and bending abilities.
iroh.jpg (287×215)

8) Azula is on my list of top 10 worst enemies.

9) I love Katara, but I get annoyed of her just like a big sister.

10) I LOVE the Banjo music whenever Momo or Aang dances.

So seriously fellas, this is the best show ever. Watch it on Netflix and if you have a heart for Adventurous Comedy you will thank me later.



  1. hahha more than mildly attracted. i too know the feeling of maybe being attracted to a cartoon character.


  3. no paulina...
    It only seemed like katara and zuko were in love because they were scared and stuck in the underground secret earth kingdom. They were confused...then he betrayed her.

  4. haley i just laughed my fool head off... and i agree about zuko... and the banjo music... and sakka. safe to say you just made my night

  5. All of Katara's boyfriends end up betraying her.. I was genuinely upset after the whole Jet thing.

    and speaking of Jet+Katara..:

  6. Haha Paulina that video is awful!

    Jet is a punk though for realsies. I didn't feel all that bad when he got brainwashed...

    Haru on the other hand was an unspoken lover of Katara's...more of an emotional fling I suppose. Then he grew awful facial hair