Friday, September 30, 2011

What a fun night!

Well, I kind of worked a lot today, and I went to school, but my I had a grand night.  First I met up ERIN, then we went to my place and enchilada'ed it up.  Nachos and the whole 9-yards.  Then we went to the football game and I enjoyed a giant bag of peanut M&M's, and I'm pretty sure it couldn't have gotten any better.  Then BYU played pretty champ-like during the last quarter of the football game and then BYU kinda beat utah state AND cosmo had a mullet coming out the back of his neck.  I don't think I missed anything in that recap.  So tomorrow I am going to wake up early (9am) and eat both a plate full of bacon and waffles.  Oh what a beautiful conference morning!

haleyJ out!


  1. amen sister! An awesome start to what I hope will continue to be an excellent weekend.

  2. also, that mullet made me feel super uncomfortable. hahhaha. but seriously, it did.