Friday, September 16, 2011

It's true...

I am still alive. I just took a brief hiatus from my blog...brief = 3 months. What happened? Lots.

Spring classes ended
Summer classes started
Mike and I drove to Minnesota and spent a whole week with the fam!...2fun2Btru ;)
Went to P'lina's wedding
Mike's family came and visited
My family came and visited...we spent a weekend at a cabin somewhere past Heber
Summer classes ended!!
I did nothing (literally) for a was fantastic
School Started
We got grants/scholarships in so we were no longer living on dimes...sorta
We received a new addition to our family (I'll explain soon)
Homework started...gag (but that is what led me to blog today)
We took Taylor to Rexburg...SO FUN!
We spent a night with Steve, Gwen and Sienna...again so fun!
Me and Mike cooked REAL food for two nights in a row
I listened to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers...don't ask why, b/c I really don't know why
I taught a lesson to a bunch of college students acting like 7th graders
We saw Captain America (last night)...SO GOOD!

So now you are all caught up...Iwould be happy to answer to any questions or comments.


  1. Question: Is this you? BE HONEST