Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at the Johnson home...too fun.

After a spooky day Me and Mike spent the day doing what we do best.  We went and got Chinese food, did the crossword, ate sugar cookies shaped like candycorn (complements of Katie and Joel), and then flipped between Pawn Stars, Cake Boss, and the Chargers/Chiefs game.

(Yes, that is my pumpkin from last year, but I like it better than our 2-face jack-o-lantern this year.)

Best part of all was the political conversation sparked from my book on educational reform in the US.

Mike: "I mean it's pretty impressive, two people from the movie predator became governors.  Who knows, maybe the predator himself will become a governor."  (proceeds to make predator noises and shake his hands)

Yep, married life is pretty glamorous.  Just for fun I'll flash back to one of my favorite Mike quotes:

Preface...Just saw a preview to the Twilight movie that featured Dakota Fanning.
Brittany: "That would be so awkward to be in a movie with Kristen Stewart after making out with her in your last movie".
Mike: "That would be so awkward being in a movie with Kristen Stewart."

Happy Halloween Everyone!
--Haley Johnson

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