Friday, May 25, 2012

Maternity Bathing Suits

Wow, talk about ugly.  There is about 1 cute one for every 873,509,689 ugly ones.  Who's idea was that???  Just because I will feel like a whale in the water doesn't mean I have to be creepier looking than one.

Here are some contenders:

who likes flowers this much?

Someone decided each and every imaginable pattern can go together??!

the 1970's called...I can't even think of a terrible enough ending for that joke.

Sorry if anyone owns any of those bathing suits...they are pretty awful.
And lastly on this rant, who decided it was a great idea to have NON-PREGNANT ladies modeling maternity swimsuits??  About half the websites have very much non pregnant girls modeling their suits, is not at all helpful or informative!  I want to know what it looks like when you are big and huge and round.  A pregnant belly is hard to imagine in a bathing suit unless you can see it!

Wish me luck, I may look like a freak this summer.


  1. You make me laugh so hard:) I just wore a tankini that had a really long, stretchy top to it. It wasn't even maternity...I say we go shopping!!! and yard sale-ing! very, VERY soon.

  2. Yes please! And yeah I guess I freaked out too soon. I realized that 2 of my swimsuits actually still fit really well and they will cover a belly. Woohoo!