Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm so bad at packing!! !@#$%^&*

Paulina's blog title applys to me very well at this morning.  Because "right now, I am procrastinating".  We are moving on SATURDAY!!  and what is packed?  Not much.

1) My closet
2) Mike's closet (he did that)
3) The linen closet
4) Most of the books
5) The smaller picture frames
5.5) I technically took the bigger picture frames off the walls...except the really big ones and the two in my room

ok that last one was not what is packed.  Mike was going to be home soon so Erin and I thought that would make it look like I had done a lot more than I actually had.  It worked, he thought it looked great haha.

Packing is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you do with all the crap that is left over after your boxes are filled?

For example: Erin and I packed the bookshelf, and we filled like 4 small boxes, and there are like 5 books leftover.  Where do they go??  Do I pack and label another box as "cups and a few books"??


BUT...there is good news in every post, WE SOLD OUR APARTMENT!!!  so please refer back to a previous post's celebration song.

So now we can officially move without that stress holding us down.  Just all this crap we have :)

I wish I could say we are moving that way, but I just remembered that I need to book a Uhaul.  I hate packing.

However, I'm sure once this is all done, me and Mike will be able to sit back and laugh at all the stress...just like these nice-lookin folks.

Except we won't be drinking...and Mike won't be laughing, because I'd punch him because he didn't have to do like any of it!...except all the moving part I guess.


Notice I chose this picture because there will be that small pile of books that had no home in any box because they just didn't fit the appropriate boxing category!!

How can two people accumulate so much crap!?


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