Friday, April 8, 2011

my thoughts while shuffling songs

James Blunt = only good on very VERY VERY special occasions...not the romantic ones...I just pretty much always skip over his music on random

Willy Wonka songs = creepy, thanks Taylor

D12 = dirty...What was I thinking as an 8th grader? (it's edited but that means there are like 4 words that aren't bleeped out)

"mother $%^&*@ gotta $%^&*( my brother...? I literally just went 5 seconds without any words...just the beat"

Mean Girls music = just like wal mart clothes...poor quality and kind of boring, but oddly enticing.

Queen = best described by my dad: "suuuper gay."

Walk it out = still as great as the first time I heard it

Bob Dylan = reminds me of my grandpa "I paid that much money to watch a drunk stumble around on stage?"

Counting Crows = my favorite ever ever ever ever ever always...I love them

Whitney Houston = another dad quote: "If you wanted to torture me, throw me in a deep warm hole, cover me in sticky marshmallows, and play Whitney Houston."

Britney Spears = shouldn't have covered I can't get no satisfaction...

Elton John = makes me dance like a Maniac in Houston, Rochester, and now Provo

Jack Johnson = makes me want to drive on a warm day with my feet out the window

Kieth Urban = I love him. and everything he sings...mostly

Edited 50 Cent = Thank you Sarah Tidwell

Destiny's Child = I wish I were black so I could agree with all the injustice.

Killers = I love you Paulina.

Green Day = why?

Gwen Stefani "Crash" = hahahahaha yessss!

Jimmy Eat World = flashback to middle school...(the good parts)

Taylor Swift's cover on "umbrella" = this should be the real version

N'Sync "tearin' up my heart" = flashback: Me, Caitlin Prunty, Ashleigh and Megan Prunty creating a music video in the garage...not for jokes

Shakira = the best artist in the world to end on...just so good

Yeah that was a little lame, but it was fun. Try it sometime.


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